Discover ELBAT

With German and Italian engineering – their superior know-how runs generations deep – and with our experience and hard-work, we bring to you a wide range of batteries with conventional and hybrid technologies designed to deliver ultimate power for every type of vehicle that is affordable to all.

In today’s world highly equipped automobiles have greater requirements from their batteries. ELBAT CJSC meets and exceeds all these requirements of the market offering powerful and reliable energy storage – maintenance FREE and Low-maintenance automotive batteries.

Elbat offers full-line of batteries for every type of vehicles from municipal, cars, motor coaches, trucks to heavy duty such as agricultural and construction vehicles. Our products are designed to outlive the high demand of electric usage in a vehicle, the severe climate changes and rough road condition backed with good value wholesale pricing and generous warranties.


Providing comprehensive brand coverage in diversified markets and sustaining its reputation within the automotive battery aftermarket. Elbat to continue to be classified as one of the top innovative, reliable and affordable replacement battery manufacturer in the South Caucasus.


Elbat’s well equipped laboratories test at each stage the battery components and characteristics according to the European and international standard requirements to ensure quality control. Every new battery on the production line is tested based on CCA parameters to assure each battery delivered to the customer is 100% power and quality guaranteed.


Elbat CJSC was founded in 2007 as a joint German-Armenian enterprise in the Republic of Armenia as the first and only car battery plant in the Caucuses. The state of the art production plant is built on a flexible manufacturing system that adapts to different product creativity and design. The automated high-end technology, together with reliable and specialized manpower, allows controlling costs and expanding production line for diversified markets.

Furthermore, proving its commitment to continually work under environmentally friendly conditions, Elbat invested in one of the most effective state of the art anti-pollution equipment for water and air with a large capacity to filter impurities and harmful junctions.

Elbat complies with European safety, health and environmental regulations. Before launching its first products, the following certificates were achieved in 2011:

1. Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008
2. Environment Management System: ISO 14001:2004